HAUTE CLOSET - 02/12/2012

What | 'Haute closet' A high end sample sale
When | Sunday the 2nd of December 2012
Time | 14:00 - 17:00
Where | Gild-atelier, Eggerstraat 2, 1012 NN Amsterdam
              (Just behind 'de nieuwe kerk' at Dam square)

Exclusive samples of Dutch up and coming fashion and jewelrydesigners like Eleonore de Ruuk, Dorhout Mees and Gild-atelier.
And a 'shop the closet' of actrice Carolien Spoor and designer Esther Dorhout Mees.

If you're looking for that special gift for the holiday season, either for a special someone or yourself, you will definitely succeed here!

Plus special 'give aways' for men and women from all designers!

Make sure you won't miss out on this special oppertunity, we would be pleased if you'd come and join us!

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Eleonore de Ruuk is pleased to announce the launch of its new website and webshop. It is full of new features. Designed with simplicity and functionality in mind.

With the recent launch of a new housestyle, it was only evident that a new website and webshop would follow. It has taken a while nevertheless definitely worth the wait. Check it out for yourself!


With its new website, webshop and housestyle, it is time for another change. Eleonore de Ruuk introduces a new concept of its' label. The label already concentrated itself on a timeless feel and offered items which stayed available throughout all the seasons. Now the time is ripe for a next step, which is not to focus on the pace of the fashion system anymore.

The timeless items will stay available for an unlimited time in different colours and fabrics. But besides that every few months new items will be added to this timeless collection. For men, women but also children. This collection will go by the name 'Tempus Fugit' and will be recognisable by the image logo of a bird.

The logo has different meanings; 'Tempus Fugit' means time flies in Latin and the name 'de Ruuk' comes from a bird. And as Eleonore de Ruuk stands for graphic and geometrical cuts and shapes, the logo shows an origami bird.

If you would like to be informed when the new items will be launched on our webshop, please subscribe to our newsletter at the top of this page.


As stated above, Eleonore de Ruuk will bring out some new products in the near future. These products are part of the 'Tempus Fugit' line which will stay available througout all seasons. 

We are pleased to announce the launch of a baby product of Eleonore de Ruuk. These tough yet cute and stylish baby shoes will be added to the webshop soon in different colours.

More children's products will follow in the near future. But for now, if you can't wait, you can place an order for these baby shoes by email. Please email us at info@eleonorederuuk.com with the subject 'baby shoes'.