With its new website, webshop and housestyle, it is time for another change. Eleonore de Ruuk introduces a new concept of its' label. The label already concentrated itself on a timeless feel and offered items which stayed available throughout all the seasons. Now the time is ripe for a next step, which is not to focus on the pace of the fashion system anymore.

The timeless items will stay available for an unlimited time in different colours and fabrics. But besides that every few months new items will be added to this timeless collection. For men, women but also children. This collection will go by the name 'Tempus Fugit' and will be recognisable by the image logo of a bird.

The logo has different meanings; 'Tempus Fugit' means time flies in Latin and the name 'de Ruuk' comes from a bird. And as Eleonore de Ruuk stands for graphic and geometrical cuts and shapes, the logo shows an origami bird.

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